Post-Charlie Sheen Version of ‘Two and a Half Men’ Beginning to Take Shape

Apr 28, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Details have surfaced about the vision show creator Chuck Lorre has in mind for the post-Charlie Sheen version of CBS hit “Two and a Half Men,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sheen was fired from the show last month by Lorre and producer Warner Bros. TV in a highly public dispute marked by Sheen’s anger at Lorre. Now Lorre reportedly has presented star Jon Cryer and close associates with a new direction for the show that relies heavily on Cryer while also introducing a new character. The new character has not yet been cast, the story reports.

Still to be resolved is a $100 million lawsuit filed by Sheen against Lorre and Warner Bros. in response to his firing. Meanwhile, Sheen has maintained an ambitious, high-profile schedule, including his “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” comedy tour.

However, Sheen apparently has not given up on “Two and a Half Men.” The story reports: “A source tells THR that Sheen is still actively working behind the scenes to be reinstated, attempting as late as this week to set up meetings with ‘Men’ cast members, hoping to clear the air and win their support. But Lorre is said to remain uninterested in meeting with Sheen, and Warners sources are adamant that Sheen will not be invited back.”

It has yet to be confirmed that “Men” will return for its eighth season, but it is almost a sure thing, as the show has been an enormous hit for CBS.

Speculation about who will be joining the show has included Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven and Bob Saget, among others. But a rep for Warner Bros. reportedly said none of the three actors is being considered.


  1. If this was a salary ploy by Charlie Sheen to get more money out of Warner’s and CBS, it backfired badly. it’s a guess that Charlie Sheen woke up from his stupor long enough to realize he threw away the best gig he ever had – and possibly badly damaged his career beyond the hit sitcom. Also, there was too much ’Goddess-Pumping’ going on. Buying expensive gifts for his babes kinda adds up. As to appealing to cast members – that’s desperation that rarely works – hey, Charlie’s antics cost them a lot of money on missed episodes and residuals – you think they are going to forgive him? It also put the hit show at risk – CBS and Warner’s is not happy – and lets face it, Charlie is likely to go off the deep end again – damn expensive tantrums on his part – gather he didn’t read Napoleon Hills’ ‘Succeed & Grow Rich’ which spells out that making friends and influencing people – basically, his father paved the way for Charlie, but once Charlie made it, he forgot the friends that made him. Come back to Earth Charlie, you’re middle-aged and need to grow up! You’ve got four children (that we know of) whom you have a responsibility to. Plus, while you are out of work – the ’swinging’ with porno stars, alimony and child support is taking a real hit on your bank card. And to be honest, I really feel sorry for your kids – what a mega embarrassment you are to them! How’s that comedy tour working out for ya? – MALL 727 –

  2. This show will be much better without Sheen and that is truly sad. Unfortunately for Sheen the ratings for the show when he is not a part of the cast will be fantastic. Most of us are pretty sick and tired of Charlie Sheen stories. Tired of Charlie Sheen period. He’s like Howard Stern. You like him for a minute and then you grow up. And quite frankly we are looking forward to the creative process that Chuck Lorre will take in eliminating his problem know as Charlie Sheen.
    This guy, as great as he was in ‘Men’ has to be the dumbest man on earth. Period. For him to give up this kind of money over cocaine and bimbos…stupid. Very stupid. But for all his efforts to get back on the show, as they say at CBS when you get fired, “take a deep breath and look to the future” Chuck.

  3. I have to respectfully disagree with you. The show will probably fail miserably without Sheen – he made that show! All of the other characters were only interesting when they were playing off of Sheen. It’s a shame that he ruined a great gig for so many other people.

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