Showtime Going Ahead With ‘United States of Tara’ Episode With Japan Earthquake Storyline–Written Before Real-World Disaster

Apr 7, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Showtime issued a statement about an episode of "United States of Tara" that includes a storyline about a massive earthquake in Japan, noting that it has "deepest sympathy" for the real-life earthquake victims but that the episode was written before the disaster struck, reports the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker blog.

In the episode, a character is upset that a massive earthquake in Osaka has ruined her plans to move there and starts looking for another Japanese city–one that "doesn’t have an A-bomb," the story says.

The episode, which will air Monday, will display a Web address for the Red Cross, so that viewers can learn more about relief efforts in Japan and make donations, the article notes.



  1. There is no accounting for bad taste. This is in bad taste and inappropriate. Especially with the added A-bomb reference while the nuclear plants are still a major problem.

  2. I agree, Nuclear plant is the big issue, but every country need it, speechless.

  3. Who cares, it was written before it happened.

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