Writer Laments Cisco Killing Off Its Popular Flip Video Camera, and Reveals the Amazing Feature the Next Generation of Flips Would Have Had

Apr 15, 2011  •  Post A Comment

David Pogue, The New York Times columnist who writes on personal technology, is still in shock that Cisco has killed its popular Flip video camera.

He writes in his column: "So far, 7 million people have bought them. Only a month ago, I was briefed by a Flip product manager on the newest model, which was to hit the market yesterday. He showed me a graph of the Flip’s sales; Flips now represent an astonishing 35 percent of the camcorder market. They’re the No. 1 bestselling camcorder on Amazon. They’re still selling fast. … So why did Cisco kill off the Flip?"

He answers that Cisco is not really into consumer electronics, Then he speculates that the reason Cisco didn’t just sell off the Flip is that the company wants its technology for some other industrial product it might have in mind.

Pogue goes on to note that Cisco killed the Flip on the eve of coming out with a new model. He had been given a sneak preview of the new model–which now will not be distributed–and writes, "But there’s a second part of the tragedy, too, something that nobody knows. That new Flip that the product manager showed me was astonishing. It was called FlipLive, and it added one powerful new feature to the standard Flip: live broadcasting to the Internet.

"That is, when you’re in a Wi-Fi hot spot, the entire world can see what you’re filming. You can post a link to Twitter or Facebook, or send an e-mail link to friends. Anyone who clicks the link can see what you’re seeing, in real time—thousands of people at once."

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