‘X Factor’ Intrigue: Did Confirmed Judge L.A. Reid Let Slip Who One of the Mystery Judges Will Be?

Apr 5, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Speculation over who the judges will be on “The X Factor,” Simon Cowell’s upcoming rival to “American Idol,” has been raging for more than a year now, but the one judge who has been confirmed may have inadvertently tipped off who will get one of the seats, Deadline.com reports.

Antonio “L.A.” Reid is locked in for one of the spots, and Reid was quoted in the British press saying, “We’re gonna compete against ‘American Idol’ just fine. I’ve very confident. But along with Simon Cowell and Cheryl, I don’t know who the other judge is.”

“Cheryl” is apparently a reference to Cheryl Cole, a British singing star who is relatively unknown in the U.S. Cole, a member of the group Girls Aloud, is a judge on the U.K. version of “X Factor” and was one of the names mentioned more than a year ago as a possibility for the U.S. gig.

Representatives for “The X Factor” would not comment on the subject.

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