‘Dancing With the Stars’ Contestant Has Run-In With Police

May 5, 2011  •  Post A Comment

One of the participants in the current run of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” was stopped, held at gunpoint and handcuffed early Thursday by Los Angeles police officers, TMZ.com reported.

Hines Ward, who is also a star player with the Pittsburgh Steelers, was a passenger in a car that had been reported stolen, the story says. Police apparently pulled the car over, pulled their guns and ordered ward and the female driver out of the car.

While they were detained, the woman reportedly was able to explain that she was the person who had filed the report, which allegedly stemmed from a problem with a valet. She then forgot to notify police that she had the car back, according to the story.

Ward was reportedly fully cooperative and was not arrested. He and the driver were released without incident as soon as the officers verified the story.

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  1. I take exception to your use of the term “run-in” in this story. The term implies that he was involved in an argument, which doesn’t seem to be the case. In your attempt to get more people to click on the link, you imply that he had done something wrong, though you fail to show that he did. I know nothing about this man’s character, but I know he didn’t deserve this.

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