‘Family Guy’ Debuts Emmy Campaign Geared to Pull at Heartstrings

May 26, 2011  •  Post A Comment

"Family Guy’s" producers, after years of asking for or even demanding votes for an Emmy, debuted a new campaign that’s aimed at pulling at heartstrings, reports Deadline.com.

The new campaign features a sad-looking Stewie staring at a cobweb-filled trophy case and accompanied by the line, "It’s been this way for eight years, and it’s starting to hurt morale," according to the piece.

"Family Guy," now in its ninth season, hasn’t yet won a best series Emmy, although it’s been nominated four times for best animated series and once for best comedy series.

Previous campaigns from the show have featured Stewie as President Obama with the "Vote for Change!" slogan and Peter Griffin as the girl from "Precious" with the motto "Vote for Us or You’re Racist," the story says.

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  1. There is a reason it doesn’t win. It isn’t the best show. They should be happy to be nominated.

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