First Baseman Known for Infamous World Series Error Will Broadcast Game in Boston Tonight

May 20, 2011  •  Post A Comment

The first baseman whose infamous error cost the Boston Red Sox an integral game in the 1986 World Series will be back at Fenway Park tonight to broadcast the game between the Chicago Cubs and the Red Sox, reports SportsNewser.com.

Bill Buckner’s other MLB team was the Cubs, so he has connections to both clubs.

Buckner will be filling in for WGN commentator Bob Brenly. Buckner had a great career with both teams, highlighted by racking up 2,715 hits. But he has never been forgiven by Sox fans for that Game Six blunder against the Mets in New York in 1986.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Buckner said of the incident so long ago, “You just deal with crap that comes up, and that’s what life is. Life’s tough, and you handle it. I’d do it all over again to get the opportunity to play sports and make a good amount of money. I was very fortunate. In real life, in real situations, what I had to go through is nothing.”


  1. We BoSox fans have long ago forgiven Buckner. There were many more strategies and performances that lost that series.

  2. “infamous error”… but you don’t state what the error was. Good reporting…not.

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