Mummified Body of Screen Siren, Playboy Playmate–Who May Have Been Dead a Year– Found by Friend (Apparently Not a Very Close One…)

May 4, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Yvette Vickers, a television and film actress and early Playboy playmate, was found dead in her California home, with her body in a mummified state, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The condition of her body, which was discovered last week, suggests she could have died a year ago, the article says, citing police. Residents of her street in Benedict Canyon said they hadn’t seen her since last summer.

Foul play isn’t suspected but an autopsy will be performed to find the cause of death. Her body was discovered by a friend who noticed her mailbox was filled with old letters. The friend pushed her way inside to find Vickers’ body in a room with a space heater still on, the piece says.

Vickers was a Playboy playmate of the month in 1959 and starred in movies such as "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" in 1958, in which she plays the town floozy, the piece notes. She appeared regularly on television, in shows ranging from Westerns such as "The Rough Riders" to the crime show "Dragnet.”



  1. It’s not that the “friend” wasn’t very close, but how come the mail carrier didn’t notice that mail wasn’t being picked up. Aren’t they supposed to alert authorities if they see something like that?

  2. Who was paying the electricity bill for the space heater that was still running?

  3. The electricity could have been set up to pay automatically from her account. The mail thing is what has me thinking. Either she was VERY successful in keeping her name off of junk mail lists or someone was picking her mail up for her.

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