NBC Pressuring Trump to Hurry Up and Decide About Presidential Bid, Dangling Big Offer to Stay on ‘Apprentice’

May 13, 2011  •  Post A Comment

NBC is telling Donald Trump to make up his mind about whether he wants to run for president or remain a reality show host and is dangling a huge offer to keep him on TV, reports the New York Post.

The offer is reportedly $60 million. NBC is urging the "Celebrity Apprentice" host to decide before the network reveals its fall schedule, which it will tout to advertisers on Monday at its annual upfront presentation.

NBC has reportedly been calling Trump every hour and making offers that reach $60 million, the article notes. It’s unclear whether the figure would be payment for a multi-year agreement.

A deal that large would place it among the biggest paychecks for TV celebrities, with "American Idol" judges taking home $10 million per year, the piece notes.

Trump couldn’t be reached for comment, and NBC executives were unavailable.

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  1. NBC blinking, not just first, but repeatedly, will cost them untold millions of their new daddy’s money. This guy couldn’t buy a party nomination, let alone get elected president – and deep down, he knows it. He also knows, but most seem to ignore the fact, that he has never done anything substantive for anyone, unless it would benefit him in the end. This personal heritage does not a public servant make. How does NBC (and apparently most of the media) not recognize this? In the end, the donald will not be a (serious) candidate, will make some self-serving, overly gracious exit from the hunt, and will attempt to claim some sort of personal credit for saving the western world’s political process. That’s who he is. Then, he will take NBC for everything they’ve kindly ponied up to continue his pointless (un)reality show, because one thing this guy won’t risk losing is an audience.

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