Netflix Chief Fears Company Will Get Too Big, Face ‘Armageddon’ With Cable Nets

May 5, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings said he’s worried that getting too big will create an "Armageddon" with cable networks, reports CNNMoney.com.

Netflix has had a "niche" philosophy of being neither too big nor too small, according to the story, which cites comments Hastings made at a conference in New York City.

Asked who is most threatened by Netflix as it expands its streaming video content, Hastings responded, "We’ve consistently said getting into current season [TV] or newer movies would not be profitable for us. It would be an Armageddon. It would be World War III, and we likely wouldn’t survive that battle.”

Hastings noted that his company doesn’t want to compete on sports or breaking news, the piece says.

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