Subject of Reality Show, Who Claims to Suffer From Unusual Syndrome, Faces Government Probe

May 23, 2011  •  Post A Comment

An appearance on a reality show focusing on a rare syndrome has caught the attention of Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, who is calling for an investigation, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Stanley Thornton, one of the subjects of an episode of NatGeoTV’s "Taboo" reality series, claims to suffer from adult baby syndrome and collects Social Security disability, according to the report. As part of the episode, Thornton demonstrated that he runs an online adult baby support group and has built his oversized crib and baby furniture.

He also said his infantilism lifestyle includes wearing diapers, sleeping in a crib and being cared for by a baby nurse.

Coburn contends that Thornton is wrongfully collecting government aid. He wrote to Patrick O’Carroll, SSA Inspector General, saying: "Mr. Thornton is able to determine what is appropriate attire and actions in public, drive himself to complete errands, design and custom make baby furniture to support a 350-pound adult and run an Internet support group; it is possible that he has been improperly collecting disability benefits for a period of time."

In response, Thornton has threatened to kill himself. He wrote to the Washington Times: "I am about leaving this world, screw with my check that pays for this apartment and food. Try it. See how serious I am. I don’t care. I have no problem killing myself. Take away the last thing keeping me here, and see what happens. Next time you see me on the news, it will be me in a body bag."


  1. BABY body bag?

  2. Is this clown for real? Adult Baby Syndrome? Is it in the DSM V? A recognized mental disorder or another way for a grossly obese (350 pounds, really?) to suck down government benefits and not work?
    Me, I’m voting for the latter.
    If he’s serious about committing suicide, then fine. Let him. One less drain on MY tax dollars.

  3. His response is very infantile as would be expected. I’d like to see him choke on a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy made for children 3+. I heard his final request is to be thrown out with the bath water.

  4. I saw this disgusting human being on the show mentioned. you know, if someone wants to live like that, then I don’t have a problem, so long as they pay their own way. But if this sorry excuse is living on the government tab and MY Social Security fund, when there are others in SERIOUS need, then I say CUT HIM OFF and charge him for past payments!

  5. This is why things have gone terribly wrong in the US. Yes, freedom is wonderful and freedom to choose to live as you please is a right and priviledge. If he wants to live like that, fine. But when he wants our money, that where my rights begin and his end… oh come on… adult baby syndrome, really? Where was that cited as reason to collect SS? No wonder the friggin’ thing is going bust.

  6. This guy is a pathetic leach and if getting him off the dole means he checks out, so be it. No loss to planet earth or any other planet in any other solar system. But the bigger problem is the government flunkies that approved giving him any funds whatsoever. The morons that hand out our tax dollars for idiotic and fraudulent claims such as this should be fired. I have worked around federal and state disability claims employees and they haven’t got an honest bone in their (usually) fat bodies. It’s not “their money” so they don’t care how it is given away. Many of them will get diabetes, heart disease,lung cancer, etc and then claim they are disabled because of the terrible stress of their job and then live off of our tax dollars for the rest of their pathetic lives.
    I applaud Tom Coburn’s efforts. Only the idiots at the disability department would think this clown should be receiving any support at all.
    Disgusting story but too often the case.

  7. I’m almost more concerned that Coburn is spending his time watching a shite show like “Taboo” but also agree that this guy is a freaking leech. I’m amazed he’d go on television and show the world what he’s up to because he had to know that some of what he was doing, like collecting SSA checks, was a fairly dodgy exercise AT BEST. Once again, the thought of being on television robs someone of all common sense they may have had left.

  8. It’s California.Everyones treated like a baby in California. Ever see the laws & bills they pass in California ?

  9. Call his bluff and cut him off. My wife who has a seizure disorder and had to quit working because of it couldn’t get any assistance so we have been living close but making it. If he offs himself, no great loss.

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