Trump Doesn’t Like the Presidential Field, Says He May Have to Get Back in the Race

May 24, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump, a week after he announced at the NBC upfront that he wouldn’t run for president, told "Fox & Friends" that he can’t rule out a late-entry bid, according to FoxNews.com.

"I can’t rule out anything," Trump said on the program. "The country is so important, so vital that we choose the right person, and at this moment, I don’t see that person."

Trump said he thought former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee would have been a good candidate, although Huckabee dropped out last week.

"Who knows if I did the right thing," he said. "Stranger things have happened–I look at these Republican candidates and I’m saying, what is going on? We cannot afford to lose this election."


  1. What a self-centered, egotistical cry baby! This guy is out to improve only his personal fame and fortune, and, if his past actions are at all indicative of his character (or lack thereof), he is much too selfish to be the town dog catcher, let alone president of the United States of America. It will never be about the people with ‘the donald’, it will always be about him.

  2. AMEN! Though I would love nothing more than to see him run and fall flat on his a**. Like Jon Stewart said last week, Trump says he can win the presidency yet he can’t even win his time slot. He won’t run…too many skeletons in the closet and financially, the curtain will be pulled away to reveal the wizard!

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