Trump Under Attack for Attack on Seth Meyers for Attack on Trump at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

May 3, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump has a charitable foundation attacking him as part of the fallout from the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, where “Saturday Night Live” star Seth Meyers aimed some of his jokes at Trump, prompting Trump to fire back.

The Stuttering Foundation is the latest group to be angered by Trump, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Meyers made some jokes about Trump at the dinner, such as, "Donald Trump said that he was running for president as a Republican. That’s funny, because I thought he was running as a joke," the story says. Trump responded by saying, "I thought Seth Meyers–his delivery frankly was not good. He’s a stutterer."

The Stuttering Foundation said it was "discouraging" that Trump had used the word "stutterer" as an insult. "In light of ‘The King’s Speech’ and the new awareness it has brought to stuttering, we had hoped that this kind of unfortunate comment was a thing of the past," said Jane Fraser, the president of the group, the article says.


  1. And yet the Donald was OK with the comedic arrows shot at him during a recent Comedy Central Roast [which included some remarks as funny or more so than Seth Myers, and more not nearly as funny. Seth did just fine, thank you]. Trump showed better class during his rebuttal at the CC Roast. C’mon Trump, put on a thicker skin! You’ll need it, if ever you start a real campaign.

  2. Trump=Douchebag of the highest degree!

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