Couric Says No One Can Fill Oprah’s Shoes, Then Explains How She Will Fill Oprah’s Shoes

Jun 7, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Katie Couric’s media spotlight is shining brightly ever since Monday’s confirmation by ABC that the former host of NBC’s “Today” show and CBS’s “Evening News” is now in business with the Alphabet Network. She has been on a media tour this week that might make Charlie Sheen jealous, including hitting “Leno,” “Kimmel” and a multitude of print and online outlets.

Naturally, she has been talking about what her upcoming daytime chat show will be like. She made clear in an interview Monday night on Leno that “Obviously, no one can ever fill Oprah’s shoes,” but at the same time she said of her own show: “It’ll be sort of a little bit of what Oprah did.”

Oprah Winfrey finished her own daytime talk show’s 25-year run late last month.

Couric told Jay Leno she expects her new show to do “some of the things that [Winfrey] did on her show, some of the things we used to do on the ‘Today’ show,” Us Magazine reported.

Couric was enthusiastic about the opportunity to stretch her wings more than she was able in her CBS job. "I’m really looking forward to it because, creatively, it’s such an exciting challenge for me and I think I’m better at interacting and talking to people and synthesizing complicated subjects–I hope–and, you know, doing interviews that require some empathy," she said. "On the ‘Evening News,’ it was hard to do that in that very structured format."

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  1. What can one say? It finally clear that at ABC, the lunatics are running asylum. I doubt that Couric could make Charlie Sheen jealous — I don’t even think he’s attracted to her.

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