Was Jon Stewart Uncharacteristically Soft on Anthony Weiner Yesterday Because the Congressman Is a Friend of His? We Have the Video–You Watch and Decide

Jun 7, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A number of critics noted that Jon Stewart appeared to be soft on his show last night when talking about  Rep. Anthony Weiner and the revelation that Weiner had sent a lewd photo to a woman online and then vehemently denied having done so.

For example, the headline at Mediaite.com read, "Rep Weiner Gets a Freebie: Jon Stewart Reflects on How Ripped His Friend Is."

And then Mediaite wrote, "Talk about friends in high places: Rep. Anthony Weiner spent the day telling the media that he had lied to them and his constituents, and that he routinely sent racy pictures of himself to young women. While this is the sort of story that typically has the ‘Daily Show’ writers licking their chops, tonight Jon Stewart went easy on his old friend, harping on how ‘ripped’ his chest is instead of the fact that he called the police on journalists looking for answers.

And Entertainment Weekly TV critic Ken Tucker wrote, "Jon Stewart may have been the only television news commentator in America on Monday who did not pounce on Rep. Anthony Weiner and beat him up verbally for admitting he lied about his Twitter gaffe. Stewart was in an awkward position, having acknowledged last week that Weiner is an old friend, but even so, his restraint was striking."

We report, you decide. Here’s the video clip from Stewart’s "The Daily Show":


  1. IT’S NOT A NEWS PROGRAM. It is a comedy program on a comedy network. He does not have to be unkind to a friend. It’s not really a news show. The fact that he delivers the news better than everyone else is their fault, not his.

  2. What a douche Stewart is. When the going gets rough he just runs to the shelter of “we’re just a lil’ old comedy show”. When it’s someone on the right suddenly he’s a “new kind of journalist”. Hypocrite… like all the lefty creeps out there. NOBAMA in 2012. Kick these creeps out of our lives !

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