NBC Pressured to Pull the Plug on ‘Playboy Club’

Jun 30, 2011  •  Post A Comment

NBC is being pressured to pull "The Playboy Club" before it airs next season, with advocacy groups setting up advertiser boycotts and other actions in an effort to keep the show off the air, reports FoxNews.com.

The nonprofit group Morality in Media has started a website called closetheclubonnbc.com, which asks supporters to pledge not to watch the show, to boycott sponsors and to send emails to NBC executives asking the network to pull the show.

Morality in Media executive director Dawn Hawkins says the program glamorizes pornography.

“We know now, years later, that pornography is very harmful to society,” Hawkins said. “It leads to addiction in children and adults, increased sex trafficking, violence against women–and ‘Playboy’ is really the root of all of this. We just don’t want to see it glamorized any further, which it will be if it’s aired on NBC.”

Pink Cross founder Shelley Lubben, a former porn actress, alleges that the show doesn’t meet FCC standards. Pink Cross, a nonprofit that offers support to adult industry workers, is also urging supporters to sign a petition.

“The series looks like it’s all cute, taking place back in the old days–it seems harmless, but then they show a quick clip of three people going at it in the bathroom. NBC is breaking the law with this show–they’re not meeting FCC standards," Lubben said, according to the piece.

NBC didn’t respond to a request for comment, the article notes.


  1. You know, I’d like to decide for myself if this is something that should be on my tv or not. I find it hypocritical that all these groups will scream over just the idea of sex because of the title of the series (and let’s be honest: there have been network series that have done at LEAST what “Playboy Club” is doing and flown under the radar). Where was the “Pink Cross” when we had a network series about wife swapping? No, because it has “Playboy” in the title we have to hear from every group with stick up its collective a*s. If this series would have been named anything else, we wouldn’t have heard squat from these shameless publicity whores.

  2. Who are these people and what gives them the right to tell me what I should or shouldn’t see? Whenever I hear about the PTC or other similar sanctimonious groups such as this protesting something on TV, I make a point of watching it AND FORMING MY OWN OPINION.

  3. I am very glad to see this kind of action taking place. Just as Scott and Ken have the right to express their views, so does Morality in Media, Pink Cross, and I. It’s time to stand up to the devastating effects of the porn industry. There is enough imperical evidence to show that porn destroys families and deteriorates society as a whole.

  4. Sorry, Ralph, but there is no such evidence. The Meese Report that supposedly indicated there were harmful effects on society has been repudiated as being biased and inaccurate.
    If anything, the only real evidence ever accumulated about the effects of pornography indicated the opposite of the conclusions of the Meese Report.

  5. Ralph the rationalizer. Expressing an opinion? When you try and control what other free people see and do, you are not just “expressing an opinion,” you are impeding the options and rights of free people. It is one thing to express, “I do not like this, I will not watch it,” it is another to say to say, “I do not like this, so I decide that you should not like this either, and just in case you do not agree with me, I will prevent you from seeing it anyhow,” then restricting that person’s right to peruse and enjoy a free press and the freedom of expression. That which is free is not just what you approve of, but what is deemed legal discourse, so restrict yourself, tie up your mind and eyes like the masochistic bondage lover that you are.

  6. I am amused that sex is so vilified in this country yet torture and violence are not. This kind of show would never cause any sensation anywhere in Europe. Keep in mind that the US has the largest % of their population in jail. We seem to demonize and criticize everything but what matters.
    Perhaps when we start paying attention to things do in fact hurt others we can address the myriad of real problems facing us and not the hypocrisy of religious groups who violate their own rules more frequently than Howard Stern upsets the FCC.
    As far as I know Hef has never used a shotgun to convince anyone to pose and the number of willing and happy participants are many. This is censorship and prejudice all rolled into one.
    That is very dangerous indeed.

  7. I’m all for a hot show don’t get me wrong but I think the content is a little inappropriate for a network like NBC. Television these days with all the reality TV is getting weaker and more pathetic. I have to blame Hollywood on this, if they stuck to their guns years ago and produced good shows and not cheap alternatives which reality TV shows are then they would be in better shape. It’s all about the mighty dollar, it always has been, but at what cost of ethics are we willing to put a price on. Bring back some good shows Hollywood.

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