Shock Jocks Sneak X-Rated Weiner Photo to Internet

Jun 8, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A photo purported to show Rep. Anthony Weiner’s naked genitals has made its way to the Internet, as the scandal involving the New York congressman’s so-called “sexting” widens, Salon.com reported.

The photo apparently got out against the wishes of Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger who broke the scandal but had said he intended to keep the photo out of the media. Radio shock jocks Opie & Anthony are taking credit for getting the picture into circulation.

Breitbart reportedly showed the shock jocks the photo during an appearance on their SiriusXM radio show. One of the jocks, Opie, described the chain of events in a series of tweets: “We had @ AndrewBreitbart on the show today and we prodded him to see the ‘pic’ that was rumored to be out there. He finally passed his phone around to show a pic of @repweiner ‘s well ‘weiner’. I believe it was not @AndrewBreitbart ‘s intention to get the pic out there at this time. As the phone made the rounds around the room to @jimnorton @anthonycumia and myself the picture was captured by a video camera that was on! I did try to take a pic of @AndrewBreitbart ‘s phone but it came out blurry because @anthonycumia grabbed the phone. Wasn’t until @AndrewBreitbart left the studio that we realized what was captured on our video camera. #weinersweiner”

The Salon piece adds: “Remember, at the press conference on Monday where Weiner admitted to sending lewd images to women he met on the Internet, Breitbart also appeared and claimed that he had an ‘X-rated’ image of Weiner–presumably sent to one of the women–but that out of a sense of responsibility he would not be releasing it.”

Other reports indicated Breitbart was upset that the photo had been released.

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