Best Fireworks Since the 4th of July: Video of Piers Morgan’s Explosive Confrontation With the Member of Parliament Who Accused Him of Phone Hacking When He Was the Editor of a U.K. Tabloid

Jul 20, 2011  •  Post A Comment


  1. That British MP is a nut job and liar. She could have stated what page the claims she made were on, but she could not. She double talks a lot and then says he made a threat against her which he never did. She reminds me of our nut jobs Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman.

  2. Speaking of nut jobs… just listen to yourself as a good example! You seem to have an obsession against intelligent women… especially if they are on the Conservative side of the aisle. What a shame you are to the concerned, knowledgeable and enlightened women in this country.
    I believe MP Mensch is right-on when she asks other (Liberal) media to look into the Piers Morgan phone hacking issue. However, we all know that the lame stream media will not do so and will do everything in their power (and they already have too much) to protect him.

  3. Piers seems a bit upset and out of control a bit here. Unfortunately for him this is not going away.
    Bottom line for him, you lie down with a pig you come up smelling like a pig. Dangerous place for Piers Morgan and CNN.

  4. Sorry, but Piers doesn’t seem out of control in the least. She sounds like she exaggerated and made an inaccurate quote and is unwilling to retract her lie. Interesting that MP’s can make claims while in meetings without basing them on anything than rumor and not have to defend or prove them while outside parliament.

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