CBS’s ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Reveals Who the New Governor Will Be

Jul 5, 2011  •  Post A Comment

After Jean Smart was killed off as the governor in the season one finale of CBS’s "Hawaii Five-0," a new actor was needed to take over running the state and now we know who it will be, reports TV Guide.

Richard T. Jones will play the state’s lieutenant governor who steps up to the governor’s job and assumes control of the state. Jones is a familiar television face, having been a regular on CBS’s "Judging Amy" and NBC’s Fox’s  "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles."

According to the publication, Jones’ governor will be more conservative than his predecessor, and he’s determined "to clean up the mess of the previous administration."


  1. Terminator was on FOX.

  2. Thanks for pointing out our mistake. We’ve corrected it.

    Chuck Ross
  3. I like the new Five-0 but their plot arc has crossed into the land of so hard to believe that it would have been rejected by “24”.
    Sure, great plot reveals and all that but there’s no way the unit continues to exist after its leader is arrested for murdering the Governor and another for assisting in robbing the police vault. I don’t care how they get exonerated, no Governor coming in after that is going to allow these people to stay on the job. This is the problem with almighty every one of thee attempts to remake a classic series “but make it better / relevant to today’s audience”. What? No murders or other major crimes happening in Hawaii anymore so we have to resort to everything being part of some plot to screw with Steve McGarret? The original series ran for a decade but I see this one losing steam as they have to fall back on bigger, more insane conspiracy driven plots to try and “top” what they’ve already done. It’s what finally killed Jack Bauer when no one else could and it will kill Five-0 2.0 much, much sooner as the infection seems to be spreading much faster. Expect one of the “top 4” (McGarret, Williams, Chin, Kono) in a body bag by mid-season.

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