Court TV Founder Trashes Nancy Grace

Jul 11, 2011  •  Post A Comment

With the conclusion of the Casey Anthony murder trial last week, Steve Brill, the creator of Court TV, was asked about the ascension of HLN’s Nancy Grace because of her coverage of the trial, and he took the opportunity to blast the lawyer-turned-TV host, reports TVNewswer.com.

In an interview with the AP’s David Bauder, Brill called Grace a "monster," and not in a good way. "I feel like I owe the nation community service for having hired her and put her on television. She’s a monster,” Brill said.

Brill added that the point of Court TV reporters and experts is to inform viewers and clarify the legal process, not to offer opinions about guilt or innocence.

As previously reported, Grace has given up her latest show, "Swift Justice With Nancy Grace," to spend more time with her family.

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  1. Steven I am very happy to read that I am not the only person that thinks Nancy Grace is a serious wack job and has far beyond what her initial role of the program. I hope she is now off the air and confined some where so she cannot spill more of her one sided hate story reporting. Good job Steven, I will purchase you book if it is on byh an e-reader set up.

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