‘F-Word’ Aired Repeatedly in Murder Trial, Triggering Apology From Network

Jul 5, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett jumped in to apologize to viewers on Monday morning after the network aired a Casey Anthony trial prosecution rebuttal that included a jailhouse recording that used the "F" word five times, reports TVNewser.com.

The recording. which went out over the air, included Casey Anthony using the "F-word” five times, the story notes. The network then put the proceedings on a seven-second tape delay to avoid other issues, the story says.

Casey Anthony is on trial for the alleged murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.


  1. Casey Anthony is NOT on trial for the “alleged murder” of her daughter. She is on trial for the murder of her daughter. She is ALLEGED to have committed the murder but the trail is not for an “alleged” murder. Someone needs to proof read your articles better.

  2. Dude, it’s the day after the 4th of July. Relax.

  3. And she was just acquitted. OJ, meet Ms. Anthony… Ms. Anthony, this is OJ…. You’ve never met but your names are about to become inseperable in the world of WTF? commentary.
    And the network should apologize to viewers for censoring content at A MURDER TRIAL. Hey kids, things might get a little unpleasant. I remember when the Dahmer trial aired over BROADCAST television. Viewers were instructed that a certain colored dot on the screen meant testimony would be upsetting to some (to say the least). But it was news, a historic event in many ways and nobody complained about it being run on outlets regulated by the FCC. Cable is not regulated by the FCC and Nickelodeon could air The Sopranos uncut if they wanted to. Okay, maybe apologize for the use of the word but slap a TV-MA on the screen and let viewers watch true reality television, not the contrived crap that gets passed off as “reality TV” like SURVIVOR.

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