Jane Fonda Lashes Out at Network After It Cancels Appearance

Jul 18, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Oscar winner and longtime political activist Jane Fonda is lashing out at a cable network after it canceled an appearance by the actress under threat of a viewer boycott, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Cable shopping network QVC canceled Fonda’s appearance to promote her new book "Prime Time" after angry callers said they would boycott the network if Fonda appeared, the story reports.

On Fonda’s blog, the actress wrote she was disappointed "that QVC caved to this kind of insane pressure by some well-funded and organized political extremist groups."

Fonda was scheduled to appear Saturday.

"I could have pointed out that threats of boycotts are nothing new for me and have never prevented me from having best-selling books and exercise DVDs, films, and a Broadway play," she wrote on her blog.

Fonda’s new book, from Random House, hits stores Aug. 9. She previously released the autobiography “My Life So Far.”


  1. Since Liberty Media purchased QVC, the “Q” in quality has been lacking and even the hosts are jumping ship! To cancel Jane Fonda due to protests with the excuse that there was a scheduling change and not offer her another time slot, re-enforces their guilt! No celebrity, namely Joan Rivers or James Taylor would be pulled out of their scheduled time slot. Shame on QVC for being the irresponsible network that they have evolved into. I HIGHLY suggest that we BOYCOTT QVC and spend your money wisely elsewhere!

  2. Es curioso como se comportan esta gente, ‘defensores’ de nuestra cultura. Hay que plantearse una ‘guerra’ abierta con los lobbys?

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