Relationship Between Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes and N.J. Gov. Chris Christie Under Scrutiny in Pending Lawsuit

Jul 25, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A lawsuit is expected to be filed today to obtain communications between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, reports The New York Times’ Media Decoder blog. The civil suit is being filed by the blog Gawker.

John Cook, a reporter for Gawker, plans to file the suit against Christie’s office to obtain the records, the story says. The germ of the investigation is in a New York magazine article, which said Ailes had called Christie and encouraged him to run for president earlier this year. Ailes has denied the report.

Cook and others believe Ailes, a former Republican strategist, remains involved in politics, the story says.

According to the report, the lawsuit states: “A strong public interest exists in knowing whether the executive in charge of the nation’s most-watched cable news channel is acting as a political consultant to a prospective Republican presidential candidate.”


  1. If anyone thinks for a minute that Roger has been clear of political activity…they’ve got their head buried where the Moon doesn’t shine.
    This will be fun to watch play out.
    Peter Bright

  2. Anyone who believes this type of thing does not go on directly or through surrogates is a fool, or a Fox viewer.

  3. Do you know how long people have been wiating for the Ailes/Murdoch zit to burst? This bunch of festering puss has infected this country for far too long. I’m all for the two party system and believe in checks and balances but the masterful manipulation which has been going on is amazing. The general population has no clue and the betrayal that some Americans will experience will far outweigh the anger they currently feel against the government. 2012 predictions just might be true???? yikes!

  4. What is scary is the level of jealous vitriol that exists among the legacy elitists. Murdock’s people recognized that the left point of view was saturated with offerings but that the conservative point of view was unserved. While the legacy commentators of the past attempted to out-do one another with their what-if journalism, Fox told the other side of the story. They have no competition and so the other half of the audience which had at one time had to settle for the BS pumped out by the left now had a place to go to see more. And it cost the old timers their audience. They’ve still not discovered that their left-wind-nut bias is what has cost them their audience. As to Ailes counseling Christie – so what!

  5. Fred, what you either don’t realize or choose to ignore is that Rupurt Murdoch was the person primarily responsible for convincing the Reagan administration to do away with the Fairness Doctrine. The doctrine made sure that real journalism was mandatory by making ALL news organizations cover BOTH sides of EVERY story. I worked in news for several years when this was in place and it worked beautifully. It was self policed by both sides. If you did not give both sides of a public affairs story, you would ALWAYS here a correction from the other side. What Rupurt did was ensure that you could have a one sided story and push an agenda without the opposing side being able to counter. What has evolved is opinions and editorials that are not labeled as such and presented as “fair and balanced” news. It has destroyed civil debate and continues to destroy this country with every issue.

  6. Tim, you hit a very big nail on the head. Among the many “done-a-way withs” that occured during Reagan’s years in office, The Fairness Doctrine rates at, or near the top.
    I too have been in the news business. It was hammered in me by my profs and then by the great pros who took me under their wing, you WILL present both sides of an issue, and if you editorialize, it will be set aside, labeled as such and opposing views will be aired.
    The distortions frequently presented today as “news” are a disservice to our society beyond measure.
    The “de-regulation Reagan years” destroyed commercial broadcasting, telephony, the commercial airline industry and more, giving the few and powerful rich even more control and untold profits. The “people” lost, our country lost as a result of all that and here we are thirty years later living the nightmare.
    It will take a herculean movement to swing things back to some sort of equilibrium…but that is what we must do.
    Peter Bright

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