More Bad News for Oprah

Jul 29, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Oprah Winfrey, who has turned her attention in recent weeks to trying to improve the fortunes of her ratings-challenged OWN network, is having a bad week, the New York Post reports.

Visits to Oprah.com have declined by nearly 50% since "Oprah" left the air in May, the story reports.

That news comes just a day after Jenny McCarthy, who had been developing a show for OWN, had a change of heart and announced she’s jumping ship in favor of NBC, as previously reported.

The decline in website visits represents the period after Winfrey ended her syndicated daytime show May 25, the piece says, citing data from siteanalytics.compete.com.

Oprah.com is an important part of the deal between Winfrey and Discovery Communications, who are partners in OWN, the story notes.


  1. I know Oprah wanted to do other things but her strenghths were her wonderful program which she did for 25 years.
    I think she should go back to that format. She will be #1 again and I know I miss her very much.
    I do not care for the new format on OWN and do not watch.

  2. I agree

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