Movie Mogul Gives Scathing Review to Film Industry — ‘The Last Seven or Eight Months of Movies Is the Worst Lineup of Movies … in the Last Five Years’; But Exec Praises TV, Especially One Show

Jul 21, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A well-known movie exec unleashed a scathing criticism of the film industry, while praising TV — especially what he called "the best show on TV today," CNN reported.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, expressed frustration over this year’s crop of movies in an interview with Fortune’s Andy Serwer. He lavished praise on "Breaking Bad," the AMC hit that just returned for its fourth season.

"It’s just a remarkable show," Katzenberg noted. "It’s quirky and unique, and that’s what’s exciting about it. But frankly, [there] are many, many, many great shows that are television today. And the marketplace for TV is very strong."

Film, however, is "extremely challenged right now," Katzenberg said. "Let me have a show of hands of people that would say the last seven or eight months of movies is the worst lineup of movies you’ve experienced in the last five years of your life." He went on to add, "They suck. It’s unbelievable how bad movies have been."

Katzenberg blamed the pressures of a changing business, with technology shifting how people want to watch films, with swinging the film industry too much toward the business end and less of a focus on art. "Today it’s out of balance and it’s too much on the biz, and it’s too much on the commerce and it’s too much on the marketability," he said.

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