Must-See Video: Craig Ferguson’s Fun Take on the Murdoch Scandal — The Good Stuff Starts About 4 Minutes Into It

Jul 20, 2011  •  Post A Comment


  1. Night in, night out – Craig is the BEST thing on TV. I don’t understand why Conan and Fallon get all the attention…

  2. Lisa’s absolutely correct. Ferguson IS great and I make a point of watching every night. And I have to sit through a rerun of that day’s Jeopardy, first! And it’s still worth it!

  3. I’m glad they get all the mass media attention. While they’re all bowing and scraping, sucking up for Emmy noms, Craig can just look at it sitting next the real coveted prize in media, the Peabody (I’m waiting for him to somehow snag a Pulitzer) and continue to have people like Desmond Tutu REQUEST they be interviewed by Ferguson. Craig has the best gig in late night and I think he knows it.

  4. As the overnight master control op at one of the CBS stations Craig is the best part of my nite. There are not to many people in this world who go to work at their crappy job and seven minutes and 28 seconds into their shift get a smile and a laugh. Craig is the best! And Tuesday nite’s monologue proved it. (again)

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