NAB Says FCC’s National Broadband Plan Could Shut Down 210 TV Stations Permanently

Jul 26, 2011  •  Post A Comment

"At least 210 local TV stations could go off the air permanently under the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, the National Association of Broadcasters charged Monday," says The Hollywood Reporter.

The article continues, "The Broadband Plan — which proposes voluntary incentive auctions through which broadcasters could opt for channel-sharing as part of an effort to avert a "spectrum crisis" — could also force 40% of full-power, local TV stations to surrender their current TV channel assignment, the NAB said."

The piece quotes NAB president Gordon Smith as saying, in a statement, that the "NAB endorses truly voluntary spectrum auctions. Our concern is that the FCC plan will morph into involuntary, because it is impossible for the FCC to meet spectrum reclamation goals without this becoming a government mandate."

However, the article also says, "Executives from the Consumer Electronics Association and CTIA-The Wireless Association rejected the NAB’s analysis, however, arguing that the plan is a win-win. The NAB was using ‘scare tactics,’ one CTIA exec argued."


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  1. Like everything else inside the Beltway these days…follow the money…see who ultimately gains financially,(Billions), from this…Oh, “They” don’t want you to do that…exactly the reason why you SHOULD!
    Peter Bright

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