Nancy Grace Fires Back at Her Critics in Blistering B&C Interview. Says Grace, ‘This trial is not about my career….And if someone thinks that there is no place for me in our society with [my] type of show, then I believe they’re very, very wrong.’

Jul 8, 2011  •  Post A Comment

HLN’s Nancy Grace, who practically single-handedly led the media coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, has fired back at her critics in a blistering interview with Andrea Morabito in B&C.

Some excerpts:

"B&C: Are you comfortable being the media figurehead of this trial?
Grace: I don’t really see it that way. It’s not about me or any other media related person. It’s all about Caylee, and there’s been a huge miscarriage of justice."

"B&C: What has this trial meant to your career?
Grace: This trial is not about my career. This trial is about a two-year-old little girl that was murdered and her body thrown out in swampy woods to rot. It’s about the person that should love her the most doing that to her. That’s what the trial’s about. It’s not about my career. I do not have ratings incentives in my contract; I don’t have any incentives in my contract. I am a crime victim myself and my goal is to focus on missing children, missing people and unsolved homicides. And if someone thinks that there is no place for me in our society with that type of show, then I believe they’re very, very wrong."

When asked if HLN executives have talked to her about her coverage of the case, and about the big ratings she’s been getting recently, Grace replied, according to the article, "Well of course, of course (sic) HLN is always happy when we have ratings bumps. And I’m very curious that you’d be asking questions like that. When Libya, Egypt, tsunami, Bin Laden was covered, and elections, and ratings bump up for other networks, they’re not held or asked questions about it the way you’re asking me, so I find that very unusual."


  1. America has always had an interest in yellow journalism. A certain segment of society feeds on focusing on the ills of others. Picking which of the dozens of child murder cases at any moment to follow and prop up is apparently Ms. Graces’ forte. I agree with Mr. Turner that local TV should cover these stories and that national news should educate us about the national issues.

  2. Oh, OK. Nancy Graceless- aka SnotMom- is the one responsible for this obsessive national waste of time. Tragedy? Yes. Crime? Probably. Murder-one? Not even close to proven. The #1 thing worthy of continuous national focus? No. Thanks Nancy- for nothing.

  3. Say it loud: She’s bats*** insane and proud. It’s our fault for making her rich. Maybe we should stop doing that…

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