NBC Staff Angered by Comcast’s More Restrictive Psychotherapy Benefits

Jul 14, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Some NBC staffers are reportedly upset over their new health insurance through Comcast, which bought the network from General Electric earlier this year, reports the New York Post’s Page Six.

The NBC employees are upset that their new insurance doesn’t provide them with the same level of benefits for psychotherapy, the piece notes.

Comcast’s Magellan Behavioral health insurance doesn’t provide the same coverage as GE’s Aetna and United Healthcare. Fewer doctors are included in the new network, the article notes.

A representative for NBC declined to comment.


  1. What are they crazy?

  2. Yeah, you gotta be nuts to work for NBC! LOL

  3. The complainants are clearly people who have no clue what a merger/takeover really means. Though most will need a shrink with all that’s going on at NBC. Get a grip. The world as you knew it and know it has changed. There’s a new sheriff and his name is Comcast in the form of Brian Roberts.

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