Cable Hosts Irked by Casey Anthony Defense Team’s Celebration

Jul 6, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Coverage of the Casey Anthony case continued after she was declared not guilty Tuesday on the most important charges, with cable news hosts Anderson Cooper of CNN and Nancy Grace of HLN among the loudest critics of her defense team’s celebration at a local restaurant, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"The defense team is inside a bar having a champagne toast right now," Grace said. "Now you know what? I’m not a preacher and I’m not a rabbi, but there’s something wrong with that."

Grace went on to say, "As the defense sits by and has their champagne toast after that not guilty verdict, somewhere out there, the devil is dancing tonight."

Anthony’s attorney closed down Orlando’s Bistro 360 for a private party that lasted the afternoon, the story says, citing CNN’s "Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell."

The verdict was replayed several times on flat-screen TVs in the restaurant, with cheers going up amongst the defense team, the story says.

Cooper played a clip of the video, saying it raised concerns given that there are still questions about the death of Anthony’s daughter, 2-year-old Caylee, the story says.


  1. Nancy Grace is a disgrace. I believe Casey is guilty is some form. But her lawyers did s superb job against all odds. They deserve to celebrate.

  2. If they had to celebrate they could have picked better places than RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE COURTHOUSE. Really! But then what do you expect out of a defense team who got lucky by seeing how much dirt they could throw on the wall to see if it would stick and confuse the jury?

  3. Neither Nancy Grace-less nor Anderson Pooper-Cooper sat on the jury. Neither they, nor the dozens of commentators, babelfish, etc who have offered their “expert” opinions on this verdict listened to or read the ENTIRE trial testimony as did the jury. The jury clearly found the prosecution’s case lacking in some way. The prosecution’s case was NOT strong enough to get beyond “reasonable Doubt”. That’s the system..not what has become a cable TV lynch mob. And that is the way it SHOULD BE!!
    I don’t know if Casey Anthony is guilty and just dodged the bullet. I can speculate but that is all I can do. The JURY spoke. Nancy Grace-less and Anderson and the rest have taken TV and media coverage to a new low. They may not like the outcome but it is the outcome. The fools did make one important point, I’d never want any of these media schmucks on my jury..as a defendant, a defense lawyer, or a prosecutor.

  4. Reasonable doubt is overrated. And this jury doubles as probably the last 12 people to believe the world is flat.

  5. Let’s be real. They won. When you win you celebrate. A bunch of sore losers in Grace and Cooper because everyone on the planet expected a guilty verdict including 99% or television talking heads. One of the biggest cases in court history and they WON. When you win you celebrate. Period. No one is taking for granted the death of a child. But justice was done. By a jury of her own peers. End of story.

  6. While I don’t agree with the verdict, the defense has every right to celebrate wherever they want. If the prosecution had prevailed, would you be yelling at them for celebrating? Just because you don’t agree with the defense doesn’t make them bad people. They really believed in their cause and fought for years for it.

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