Producer Says He Met With Casey Anthony to Offer $1 Million TV Deal That Would Include Lie-Detector Test; Media Homes In on Her Location — and She’s Not Far From Hollywood

Jul 20, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Producer Al Taylor is claiming he met Tuesday with Casey Anthony in Palm Springs to talk about a $1 million television deal, reports the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

Taylor said he offered Anthony, who was found not guilty of murder charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, $1 million to be interviewed by an as-yet-unconfirmed host, the story says. The money would apparently come from unnamed investors, the article says, citing Taylor. The proposed show would include Anthony undergoing a polygraph test, the story says.

Anthony may be staying near San Diego, reports NBC’s "Today" show, according to The Hollywood Reporter. NBC News claimed it tracked the ownership of a private jet that was believed to have carried Anthony from Florida on Sunday, following her release from jail, the story says.

Is Anthony’s apparent relocation to Southern California a sign that she’s aggressively pursuing offers from Hollywood … or is it just a coincidence? Stay tuned.


  1. “Media Homes In on Her Location” – ??? WTF?!?! Who writes this article? A chimp with ZERO education?
    It should be “Hones In on Her Locaion” – man, you guys are pathetic…


  3. Do you mean who “wrote” this article?
    Seems to me the same chimp was sitting at your computer.

  4. Oh, Chevy, we love it when you fall down.

  5. Oh, Homey!

  6. So, the bimbo who allgedly murder’s her young daughter, gets out of jail and ends up with her own tv gig and a million dollars to stuff into her pockets – what’s this world coming to? I guess it can be said that mother’s can eat their young!

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