Rachel Maddow, MSNBC Sued for $50 Million Over On-Air Comments

Jul 27, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A former heavy-metal rocker who is now a conservative radio host and a preacher has filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against MSNBC and Rachel Maddow, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The suit by Bradlee Dean, who leads a Minnesota-based Christian ministry and is described as an anti-gay activist, accuses the talk host of twisting Deans comments on the execution of homosexuals in an attempt to hurt Michele Bachman’s presidential bid.

The story reports: “Last year, Dean went on radio and talked about Muslim Sharia law and his view that it called for the execution of homosexuals — evidence, as he saw it, that Muslims were upholding biblical laws. ‘They seem to be more moral than even the American Christians do,’ he said.

“For a segment devoted to Minnesota politics and a boycott of Target Brands Inc. for its political donations, Maddow took what Dean had to say and used it to paint him as anti-gay with the implication he advocated their execution, according to the suit.”

The story adds: “It’s also been reported that Bachmann has long been supportive of Dean, saying flattering things about his work as leader of the You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International youth ministry and praying there. According to reports of the lawsuit, Dean believes that efforts to undermine him were made in an overall campaign against Bachmann.”


  1. What a bunch of baseless nonsense from a narcissistic clown who’s partially funded with taxpayer dollars. Hopefully he’ll be slapped with contempt of court for attempting to use frivolous litigation as an attempt at self-promotion.

  2. I hope this lawsuit goes to trial. Really. It’ll make for great theater (if not great law).
    Ironically, MSNBC could conceivably rake in big advertising dollars if they covered this case with half the zeal some other news networks cover murder trials.
    If Bradlee Dean was smart, he’d never let Rachel Maddow get anywhere near a courtroom. She’d tear him apart. Bloodbath.

  3. Even if what Dean says is true, how is any of it actionable? Maddow’s show isn’t hard news, it’s called an opinion or analysis.
    The phrase “sticks and stones” comes to mind. Also “stone age idiot.”

  4. Isn’t it amazing how the ultra-right is doing anything it can to silence an opposing viewpoint. If the shoe fits, my bigotted friend, learn how to walk in it. Those you are slamming have had a much harder time learning to live with the life God has given to them. Any pinhead who claims to be a minister and then advocates violence against another of God’s creatures is obviously not being called by Him to serve.

  5. Self-promoting lawsuit – says it all…

  6. Maddow is not a reporter. Nothing she says has impact in the msm. Her show is opinion oriented only. Her ratings are low…showing that she can’t have impact on a presidential campaign.

  7. rachel maddow tells it like it is.

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