Sex Scandal Proves Costly for NBC’s Chris Hansen

Jul 11, 2011  •  Post A Comment

TV host Chris Hansen, best known for NBC’s "To Catch a Predator" series but more recently in the news for being caught on video himself in an extramarital affair, has reportedly lost a promotion from the network, according to the New York Post.

Hansen was set to be named lead anchor of NBC’s "Dateline," taking over for Ann Curry, according to sources cited by the Post. However, because of the bad press from his Florida fling with WPBT reporter Kristyn Caddell — which surfaced last week after he was caught on camera by The National Enquirer — NBC executives have rescinded the promotion.

NBC News is denying the story. A spokesperson said, "This couldn’t be further from the truth. Ann Curry is the anchor of ‘Dateline.’ " Curry also has taken over co-hosting chores on NBC "Today" show.

Hansen, 52, is married and a father of two young sons, and reportedly has been seeing Caddell for about four months.


  1. Ann Curry has already taken over for Meredith, happened last month.

  2. TV Week doesn’t know Ann Curry is already co-hosting Today? Huh???

  3. Why the fuss over Hanson — CBS and the public quickly forgave David Letterman for more than an indiscretion — in fact several affairs with his employees while he was married. If Hanson was the right man for the job, then it would seem unfair to call his affair a punishable scandal and allow Letterman off without so much as a slap on the wrist.

  4. It’s been corrected in the story, above. Thanks.

    Chuck Ross
  5. Kristyn Caddell works for WPTV not WPTB, which is a public television station.

  6. @jagua the “fuss” over chris hansen is that he’s made a name for himself by busting people who engage in shady practices — often including people who cheat on their partners. He’s been positioned at NBC as the clean cut guy with the razor sharp moral compass that he uses to confront douchebags. And it turns out he’s engaging in the same activities??
    He’s not a latenight comedian, not an athlete, not a celebrity. He makes a living by playing the good guy on TV so it should be a shock to no one that NBC withdrew the offer. If only mr. Hansen’s affair had been captured on hidden camera and then broadcast on national television like he’s done to so many others…

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