‘Torchwood’ Creator Has Recommendation to Make U.S. Television Better

Jul 11, 2011  •  Post A Comment

"Torchwood" creator Russell T. Davies says U.S. television would be wise to implement a change in how it’s programmed, the Los Angeles Times reports. Davies suggests airing shorter seasons, similar to TV in his home country of Britain.

"I’ve lived in America now for two years, and you get these blocks of programming that run for 23 weeks of the year. And when they all stop before the summer, it’s like TV land is empty," Davies said. "I think stations should be more nimble and have 10-parters, six-parters."

Davies notes that the approach would appeal to increasingly niche audiences and would be "the smart thing to do."

For "Torchwood: Miracle Day," which is airing now on Starz, the series started with a 13-episode season but then was cut down to 10 episodes, he notes. "We really made it fly," he adds.


  1. Davies is right. I have always contended that LESS is MORE. Another reason British programs excel is that they have all scripts written and revised for every planned episode before a foot of film is shot. This results in a saving of time and money, and a more well-crafted final product. Less episodes also means that if a show is a hit, each season will be more anticipated by viewers, and its creators will not burn themselves out in the process.

  2. We’re starting to get that now from cable nets with face reality hows having 10-14 episode seasons and the same with series like Mad Men.

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