Video: Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, Outraged by Casey Anthony Verdict, Attacks Juror

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  1. Bill once again sees the world through a very slanted set of eyes. He says there were no facts to back the case that the juror was making. Agreed. There were also no facts presented by the state that casey had anything to do with the murder of her daughter. Make no mistake – I think she did it. But, there were no facts presented that made that case. I hate what happened, but to blame the jury for the lack of a case by the state is wrong. And for Bill to ignore that is wrong.

  2. Yes Bill, she operated on facts. Just because you don’t have to doesn’t mean others don’t. The FACT that the idiot prosecutors went for PRE meditated murder without hard death evidence is the ONLY reason she walked. They sacrificed a solid negilgent homicide conviction for the purposes of political grandstanding. You know what that is Bill, it’s your day job.
    I hate she walked too, but that’s the way the system works. It has not collapsed.

  3. Is there anything in America that isn’t a felony at this point?

  4. I think it was a case of accidental death that Casey Anthony viewed as a relief. When confronted about it a month later the well-oiled lying infrastructure she had previously cultivated took over as she manufactured a mountain of bullshit excuses.
    While she wasn’t convicted in court, she was well convicted in the court of public opinion. Rendered pathetic, this will haunt her until the day she dies. What can we expect? Drug abuse, alcohol, and a life filled with shame and anger. All the better she won’t be in prison so she can constantly be reminded that she will never be accepted by constantly replaced crowds of haters.

  5. Of course there are things in this country that aren’t felonies. They’re called misdemeanors….

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