10 Things You Don’t Know About Steve Jobs. For Example, Did You Know That He Was Adopted and That Biologically He’s Half Syrian Muslim?

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With Steve Jobs cutting back his role at Apple, the iconic tech guru is all over the media this week. One of the more interesting takes on Jobs appears in The Huffington Post, where columnist James Altucher reveals 10 tidbits that most people probably didn’t know about Jobs.

Here they are:

(1) His sister is the novelist Mona Simpson, although Jobs didn’t know it until he was an adult and tracked her down. Simpson’s first novel, “Anywhere but Here,” is about her relationship with her parents — who are also Jobs’ parents.

(2) Biologically, Jobs is half Syrian Muslim. His father’s name is Abdulfattah Jandali. His parents, grad students at the time, put him up for adoption and then had another child, his sister, Mona Simpson, a few years later.

(3) He created the game “Breakout” for Atari, before going on to form Apple. (4) He lied to Steve Wozniak, his partner in the deal with Atari, reportedly telling Wozniak they got $700 for the game, which they split 50-50. In reality he was reportedly paid $5,000.

(5) He denied paternity after fathering his first child. He claimed he was sterile, according to the piece, and the child’s mom raised the kid on welfare.

(6) Jobs does not give money to charity. As Apple CEO, he pulled the plug on the company’s philanthropic efforts.

(7) He’s a pescetarian, eating fish but no other meat. (8) He’s a Zen Buddhist, (9) he didn’t go to college, and (10) he used LSD at least once when he was young. He reportedly called the LSD experience “one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life.”


  1. Actually Steve did attend Reed College in Oregon briefly, but he did not graduate. Makes you wonder what else missed the mark in this list.

  2. He did not create Breakout, he was hired to design the hardware, for $750, which he split with Wozniak. He was given a $100 bonus for each chip he was able to pull out of the hardware in the design; Wozniak actually reduced the chip number by 50, giving Jobs a $5000 bonus he did not tell Wozniak about. I’m sure there’s more problems with this list.

  3. You do realize that Muslim is a religion? Biology does notdetermine someone’s religion.

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