New Executive Producer Reveals Where CBS’s ‘Blue Bloods’ Is Headed

Aug 22, 2011  •  Post A Comment

The new executive producer of "Blue Bloods" hinted at his plans for the second season of the CBS drama, reports TVGuide.com.

Despite speculation that Ed Zuckerman, who used to work on shows such as "Law & Order” and “JAG," would change the show into more of a procedural, he said he won’t be changing the formula that made the show a hit in its freshman year.

"The idea is to keep the show the same balanced show between a case of the week and Reagan family issues and family drama. I think if anything, we might be doing a little more Reagan family stuff this year," Zuckerman said.

"I want to just keep the show as good as it was last year, and try to make it a little bit better. No major changes are in the cards," he said.


  1. Love the show Blue Bloods and the cast, however, what happened to the prayer that was said before the family meals? It gave a special meaning to the show and good for families to see. Please advise.

  2. We really enjoy the show Blue Bloods. It is a good solid, show with good plots and interesting story lines. Leave the sex out. The show does not need it. Why ruin it.

  3. Dear Sirs and Madams,
    The moral integrity of Blue Bloods has depreciated this season. For us, Blue Bloods has been a show that has elevated and been true to good, moral, ethical and spiritual virtues. The October 10th, 2014 episode was overtly and disappointingly supportive of homosexuality.

    Frank Reagan expressed that the Church was behind the times in the area of sexuality. Biblical principles are timeless and Truth is Truth for all generations.

    The grace said before meals has been dropped this season.

    If you are trying to be politically correct, you are succeeding.
    We are sadly disappointed.

    Sincerely yours,

  4. why copy every other show….. the new police sargent is so unbelievable…… a physically unfit woman! I am not watching the show anymore because her character is rude ,with a chip on her shoulder!

  5. WELL I am so disapointed our cable provider took wgn off the listof basic channels — It is so popular for iit’s common sense values they will use it to cost more to show now –sick how Americans are screwed every turn possible

  6. In the 9th season the prayer has again been eliminated from the show. The scenes at the table are very popular and praying adds to the charm. If Jamie and Eddie don’t get married in Church, I doubt that I will be the only viewer you lose. Godless shows are in abundance; please don’t stoop to that level.

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