Report Says Upcoming ABC News Special on Jackie Kennedy Onassis Secret Tapes Will Reveal Her Affair With Major Hollywood Star. ABC Responds Saying Report is ‘Totally Erroneous’

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In September ABC News will broadcast tapes Jackie Kennedy (later Onassis) made months after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In the tapes she is interviewed by well-known Kennedy historian Arthur Schlesinger. The telecast will be the first time the tapes will be made public.

"Jackie originally planned for the recordings to be made public 50 years after her death, but Caroline Kennedy will reportedly allow their airing early in exchange for ABC’s [History Channel] dropping of its Katie Holmes-led miniseries about the Kennedy family, the [U.K. newspaper] Daily Mail reports," says an article earlier this week posted on New York Magazine’s Daily Intel blog.

The Daily Intel article continues, "Among the topics discussed, according to the Mail, are Jackie’s retaliation affairs with the movie star William Holden and the founder of Fiat, Gianni Agnelli, to get back at JFK for fooling around with a 19-year-old White House intern."

The article adds, "Jackie also voices her suspicions about Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson’s role in her husband’s assassination."

In response, ABC said, in a statement, according to the Daily Intel piece, "The tabloid reports about the content of the tapes are totally erroneous. ABC News isn’t releasing any content from those tapes until mid-September at which point it will be clear how off base these reports are. The actual content of the tapes provide unique and important insight into our recent past from one of the most fascinating and influential First Ladies in American history."

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  1. Are we going to get any good investigated reporting on Rupert Murdoch and his shady dealings or are all reporters afraid to go near the story?

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