Superstar Reality Couple Says It Was All Fake — And They Regret the Whole Thing

Aug 3, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Two of the biggest stars of reality television now say they regret choosing reality as a career path and their celebrity status was essentially built on a lie, reports the Daily Beast.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt also admit they are broke and that their break-ups and divorce filing were fake, the story reports. They say they have never been apart.

Pratt says they spent $2 million on Montag’s pop-music career, and likely $1 million on clothes. "Everything we were doing, we were buying props. I bought a big blue monster truck just to drive it on ‘The Hills’ for an episode. Never drove it again," Pratt said.

As for Montag’s 2007 plastic surgery binge, in which she got breast implants, rhinoplasty and collagen injections, "I wish I didn’t do it," she said. “I would go back and not have any surgery. It doesn’t help. I got too caught up in Hollywood, being so into myself and my image."

The pair now believes it’s not possible to have a career in reality TV, pointing to Paris Hilton’s recent series, "The World According to Paris," which has bombed, the story says.

“This isn’t a business. That was the big thing I didn’t get: Reality TV is not a career. Anyone who says, ‘Oh, you can have a career in reality’ — that is a lie," Pratt said.

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