Two Compelling Non-TV Stories: Is the FBI Close To Solving the Case of Folk-Hero Skyjacker D.B. Cooper? And Here’s the Latest in a Long Line of Supposed Benefits of Drinking Wine: It May Help Protect Against a Nasty Sunburn

Aug 2, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Our two favorite non-TV stories of the day.

First, it appears that the Federal Bureau of Investigation may actually be close to solving the 1971 sykjacking of D. B. Cooper, reports The New York Times in a story first repoted in the United Kingdom by The Telegraph newspaper.

Cooper in the person who was thought to have parachuted from a Northwest Orient plane with $200,000 in hand, and was never heard from again.

According to the Times article, "Fred Gutt, a special agent in the Seattle office of the F.B.I., told The New York Times on Monday that the suspect died 10 years ago. He said the tip came from a retired law enforcement officer who knew a witness who ‘had an association with’ the suspect from long ago. ‘After the suspect died, the witness was more comfortable sharing some secrets, if you will,’ Mr. Gutt said. The tip…was deemed credible because it came from someone in law enforcement."

The second story that caught our eye was this one, reported by the website Medical News Today: "Drinking wine may protect against the harmful effects of sunburn, researchers from the University of Barcelon revealed in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. They explained that grapes and grape derivatives have a compound – a flavonoid – that helps protect human skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation."

The article adds, "The authors explained that wine has been shown in previous studies to have some effect in protecting against Alzheimer’s disease, cavities, and prostate cancer. However, no prior study had looked at the effect it may have on human skin."

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