Dramatic Testimony in Trial of Michael Jackson’s Doctor, Including Paris Jackson Screaming Out as Her Father Died

Sep 29, 2011  •  Post A Comment

It has been another day of drama in the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, People magazine reports. At one point Alberto Alvarez, who was an assistant to Michael Jackson, testified about the reaction of the singer’s daughter Paris as her father lay dying.

"Paris screamed out, ‘Daddy!’ " Alvarez testified, according to the story, describing the scene as Murray tried in vain to revive the pop superstar. "She was crying."

According to the story, Alvarez said “he noticed that his boss was lying with his palms up, his eyes slightly open and his mouth agape. There was medical equipment everywhere, including a condom catheter that had drained urine, he said. Dr. Murray was giving chest compressions as he shouted, ‘Don’t let them see their dad like this.’

“Alvarez says he turned to Prince and Paris, who were crying, and said, ‘Kids, don’t worry, we’ll take care of it. Everything’s going to be OK.’ ‘Then I asked Dr. Murray what happened and he said, “He had a bad reaction.” ‘ "

Alvarez testified that at that point Murray shifted his attention from trying to revive Jackson to cleaning up medicine bottles and equipment, the story says.

Alvarez testified, according to the story: "He reached over and grabbed a handful of vials and said, ‘Here, put them in the bag.’ "

The story adds: “At the time, Alvarez testified, he thought he was helping the doctor transport necessary equipment to the hospital where Jackson would soon be rushed — not cleaning up a crime scene.”

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