Emmys Preview: With the Show on Fox This Sunday, Look for Something More Edgy Than Usual

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Mark Burnett, who is producing the live Emmys broadcast on Fox this Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011, told The Hollywood Reporter, "Each network has its own flavor, and I think Fox has a little bit of an edge that allows us try to do some different things here. Remember, it’s the Emmys, it’s a really important night. It’s not the MTV Movie Awards. So I’m not talking about anything like that. You’ll see. We’ve got a few things planned that are good fun and I think fit Fox very well."

The article features THR’s Alex Ben Block and Lesley Goldberg interviewing Burnett and the host of this year’s show, Jane Lynch. Added Lynch: "Mark has allowed me to have input every step of the way. My good friend Jill Soloway ["United States of Tara," "Six Feet Under"] is the head writer of this thing. My sensibilities and hers are in line. I felt really confident and safe, and I love what we’ve come up with so far. I know that I could go to Mark with anything and say, ‘I’m not comfortable with this,’ but it would never get to that point."

In another question, THR asks, "The ratings crept up a bit last year, but there’s still pressure to attract more young viewers. Do the Emmys need an extreme makeover in that respect?"

Burnett answered, "No. Every show needs to be freshened every year, just like I’ve done with ‘Survivor,’ and as I said, last [year’s Emmys broadcast] was fantastic, so our goal is to do as good a job as last year. But each year is always slightly different because it’s on a different network. As for younger viewers? It certainly would be nice. There are a lot of young stars on TV now, and certainly plenty of them translate to younger audiences — especially on Fox, which tends to skew the youngest."

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  1. When the show continues to be a 1920’s vaudeville review it will not attract a younger audience. And it will continue to lose audience over the long haul.

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