Everyone Has a Different Spin on NBC’s Embattled ‘Playboy Club’

Sep 29, 2011  •  Post A Comment

With viewers fleeing NBC’s new drama “The Playboy Club” it may be much ado about nothing, but the network, the show’s advertisers and a watchdog group are all putting different spins on what’s going on with the show, the New York Post reports.

The Parents Television Council, which objects to the show’s content, has claimed that advertisers are bailing out on the show. But insiders at the network said the group has its facts wrong, the Post reports.

PTC contended that seven advertisers — Kraft, Sprint, Lenovo, UPS, Subway, P.F. Chang home meals and Campbell’s Soup — dropped their advertising from this week’s broadcast in response to a campaign by the organization.

But Kraft wrote the Post to say it had never planned to advertise in episode two of "The Playboy Club." Unilever, P.F. Chang’s parent company, told the publication its ad plan was to jump in and out of episodes and it had not abandoned the show.

Chrysler confirmed it is sticking with the show, while other advertisers did not immediately comment.

NBC would not discuss clients’ media plans, but issued a statement that said "The Playboy Club" would continue to air "with advertising."

The show debuted to disappointing viewer totals last week, and Monday’s second episode reportedly lost more than 1 million viewers from the premiere. With only 3.8 million total viewers this week, the show has been the subject of speculation about a possible early cancellation.

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  1. So, as always, there’s multiple angles to this story. There’s your side, my side and the truth.
    The PTC are a bunch of crass opportunists who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them. Anywhere it bit them.
    To hell with them, I say.

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