‘Glee’ Creator on Why Last Season Wasn’t as Much Fun

Sep 16, 2011  •  Post A Comment

"Glee" co-creator Ryan Murphy took some time after a screening of the Fox series’ third-season premiere to explain to reporters why the new season will be an improvement over the second season, reports Deadline.com.

Season two, the story notes, was marked by complaints from the show’s fans, along with controversy over comments by Murphy about some of his stars.

With "Glee" becoming a hit so quickly, Murphy hinted the job became more than running a television show during the second season. "I’d run television shows before, but I’d never run a business before. It was a weird thing," he said of the second season. But now, he added, "I have my passion back for it."

The producers are focusing on "making this the best year we’ve ever done. And in fact, we think that’s exactly what we’re going to have. Part of the reason for that is we’ve figured out the best way to shoot the show, and a way to do it more economically for Fox.”

As far as the feelings of the show’s actors, Murphy said, "The actors I feel are really renewed and excited and are thrilled to be there."

Asked about several of the show’s stars who play graduating seniors and have been reported to be leaving after the third season, Murphy suggested there could be other ways to keep them on air.

"They could become teachers. They could become college students. There are very organic ways you could keep them on the show, and keep them big, and keep the audience invested in them. … But the show is always going to be about that choir room," he said, according to the article.

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