Good News for ‘Mad Men’ Fans

Sep 20, 2011  •  Post A Comment

The tortured saga of AMC’s critically acclaimed “Mad Men” has had plenty of twists and turns in the past year and in recent days, including the show’s winning its fourth consecutive Emmy as outstanding drama on Sunday.

The Emmy win put an exclamation point on a turbulent period for the show, when creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner was locked in protracted negotiations that had the future of the series in doubt.

But that’s all behind them now, and a recent report in Variety says there’s more good news for “Mad Men” fans: AMC has apparently backed off on its plans to cut the length of each episode.

According to the Variety report: “The running time of episodes had been a major sticking point earlier this year when Weiner was in tough negotiations with ‘Mad Men’ producer AMC and Lionsgate TV. Back in March, it was announced that the first and last episodes of ‘Mad Men’s’ fifth season would run 47 minutes, as has been the show’s standard since its inception, but the remaining 11 segs would run about 45 minutes to allow for more commercial time. The plan was to make those episodes available at their full 47-minute running time online.

“But in the intervening months, the sides came to terms on a 47.05 running time for all segs.”

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  1. That’s good because commercials take up enough space as it is. As anyone seen these floor plans that an artist created of Sterling Cooper? Pretty neat!

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