Longtime ’60 Minutes’ Regular Stepping Down

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One of the mainstays of CBS’s popular "60 Minutes" newsmagazine will be stepping down from regular appearances on the program, CBS News has announced.

Andy Rooney, 92, whose wry commentaries have been featured on the show since 1978, "will announce on this Sunday’s ’60 Minutes’ that it will be his last regular appearance on the broadcast," CBS News has announced.

"He will make the announcement in his regular essay at the end of the program, his 1,097th original essay for ’60 Minutes.’ It will be preceded by a segment in which Rooney looks back on his career in an interview with Morley Safer," the announcement said.

The statement added, " ‘There’s nobody like Andy and there never will be. He’ll hate hearing this, but he’s an American original,’ said Jeff Fager, chairman, CBS News, and the executive producer of ’60 Minutes.’ ‘His contributions to "60 Minutes" are immeasurable; he’s also a great friend. It’s harder for him to do it every week, but he will always have the ability to speak his mind on "60 Minutes" when the urge hits him.’ "

In the announcement CBS did not name a replacement for Rooney.


Andy Rooney


  1. “In the announcement CBS did not name a replacement for Rooney.” I do not think that is possible. Love him or hate him, Andy Rooney is one of a kind. Best wishes, my friend!

  2. I did not meet Andy Rooney until we literally ran into each other within a CBS production van in Pasadena just days before Super Bowl XVII.
    On that late January day in 1983, I introduced myself and initiated a conversati­on with the 60 Minutes icon.
    He was there to create a video piece on all the “to do” around a football game.
    Walking around the CBS Rose Bowl complex, we shared humorous observatio­ns of the human efforts to; once again, raise the experience beyond that of the “Second Coming”.
    Looking down from the Press Box at the sea of media trucks, trailers, satellite dishes and corporate entertainm­ent tents, we laughed and concluded that it, at least, was good for a lot of temporary employment­.
    Andy has never shied away from expressing his unadultera­ted observatio­ns. At times, in the eyes of some, he has stepped out-of-bou­nds. This happens when you openly state exactly how you feel from such a precipice as 60 Minutes. Much of the time his keen sense of life has afforded the viewer an excellent “step back from” observatio­n.
    I have always treasured that time I got to spend with the “Curmudgeo­n”. There was an immediate meeting of the minds.
    Andy, this reporter will miss your weekly visits…“­Say it isn’t so”. However, like any script, this is the turning of the page, and I know you’re not on the next.
    Thank you for our day, and further, for all your observatio­ns.
    Peter Bright

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