Real-Life ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’: Two Men Allegedly Put Dead Friend in Car and Go Partying

Sep 16, 2011  •  Post A Comment

This is all too reminiscent of the 1989 movie "Weekend at Bernie’s" and its later sequel that have become cult classics due to their multiple airings on TV and other forms of home entertainment. 

We got all of the following from an article at The Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post says that, according to a story in the Denver Post, Jeffrey Jarrett, "while still living, had invited a financially struggling [Robert Jeffrey] Young, 43, an old friend from Colorado State University, to stay with him until Young caught a break. But on the night of Aug. 27, Young arrived at Jarrett’s Denver home to find him unresponsive. Instead of calling 911 to help Jarrett (Jarrett may or may not have been dead at that point), Young took Jarrett’s unresponsive body and went to the restaurant where [25-year-old Mark] Rubinson worked."

The Huffington Post continues, saying that according to Denver TV station KMGH, "Young and Rubinson put Jarrett’s body in the back seat of their car and went on an eating and drinking spree at multiple Denver restaurants and bars including Teddy T’s Bar and Grill and Sam’s No. 3. The two suspects then went back to Jarrett’s home and dropped off his body, but they took Jarrett’s bank card and headed to Shotgun Willie’s, a Denver-area strip club, and stayed until the club closed."

Finally, at 4 a.m., Young and Rubinson called the cops to tell them that their friend might be dead.

The Huffington Post story concludes, "It’s unclear how Jeffrey Jarrett died, but the men are not charged in his death, according to the Associated Press. Robert Jeffrey Young and Mark Rubinson are free on bond but they couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday."


  1. “Young and Rubinson called the cops to tell them that their friend might be dead”. OMG thats really wired.

  2. What about charges of theft, for using his bankcard to fund their night of partying?

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