Report: Cable Subscribers Will Pay for ESPN’s $15 Billion NFL Deal

Sep 19, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Cable subscribers will likely end up paying more in 2012 for ESPN, after the sports channel recently signed an eight-year, $15.2 billion deal with the National Football League, reports the New York Post. The story says customers can expect to pay $2 more per month for the sports channel.

ESPN currently charges cable operators $4.89 per subscriber, but wants to increase that to $7, and it’s expected that extra $2 will be tagged onto customers’ bills, the story says. ESPN declined to comment.

Increasing cable bills may cause more Americans to cancel their cable service, the story says.

"Consumers are reaching a point in this awful economy when they may have no choice,” said Andrew Zimbalist, professor of economics at Smith College. “No question, there are going to be fewer and fewer people with basic-cable packages over the next few years.”

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  1. One more reason we should be allowed a-la-carte choices. Pay for what we want, not for programming demanding the highest fees we don’t care to watch!
    Better yet just make ESPN a pay channel or a pay per view or a combination thereof and reduce the overall cable bill for everyone else by $5.00

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