Zuckerberg Announces That He Wants to Make Facebook Into a Key Entertainment Hub as Users Continue to Protest Changes to Their News Feed. Eight Hundred Million People Worldwide Have Now Signed Up for Facebook

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"Facebook has unveiled sweeping changes to its website – including partnerships with major music and film companies – in a bid to transform the world’s biggest social network into a key entertainment hub," The Guardian reports.

The article continues, "Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, on Thursday announced new partnerships with Spotify, Netflix, the Guardian and other media companies as he said that 800 million people worldwide now use the social network."

Meanwhile, many Facebook users are complaining about the changes to their news feeds that Facebook implemented on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2011. As reported by Fox News, "many users woke up to find their homepages altered, with what Facebook calls ‘top stories’ on the top of their pages, followed by ‘recent stories’ listed in chronological order. On the right side, meanwhile, there’s something called a ‘ticker,’ a live feed of all the ongoing activity that also appears in users’ news feeds. It’s a kind of Facebook inside Facebook, if you will."

The Fox News article continues, "By mid-morning, the words ‘new Facebook’ quickly became one of the most discussed topics on Twitter. Many comments were negative, though some pointed out that Facebook makes many changes to its site and people eventually get used to it."

The Guardian story explains, "As part of the changes announced on Thursday, Facebook users will be able to automatically share activity such as viewing, listening and reading in a live ‘ticker’ stream, once they have opted in to the feature. The new stream will be separate from the existing Facebook news feed, although popular items – such as the most frequently played songs among friends – will appear in the column. ‘We are making it so you can connect to anything you want. Now you don’t have to like a book, you can just read a book,’ Zuckerberg said. ‘You don’t have to like a movie; you can just watch a movie.’

In its article about today’s announced changes and media partnerships, The New York Times Bits blog writes, "Mr. Zuckerberg said one of the problems with Facebook is the profile page. Over the years, he said, the profile page has become difficult to navigate, and it is hard to find older posts. To solve this problem, Facebook is releasing a product called Timeline. Mr. Zuckerberg said Timeline “has three pieces: all your stories, all your life and a new way to express who you are.”

The Times adds, "Timeline offers a highly visual view of a user’s Facebook profile and organizes content into photos, events and apps, all based on a timeline view that stretches back to the beginning of a user’s time on Facebook."

The Times story also notes, "[I]f a friend updates his Facebook status to note that he is listening to a song on Spotify, the online music service, you will be able to click on the link and listen to the song together, at the same time. The Spotify track will also play directly within the Facebook page. But the new developer updates go beyond music to include videos, gaming and news. Facebook has partnered with more than a dozen developers and music platforms including Spotify, iHeartRadio and Rdio. The company’s video partners include Netflix, Hulu and Blockbuster."

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