Amanda Knox, Now in Hiding, Says She Was Sexually Harassed in Prison

Oct 7, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Amanda Knox, the American student who was recently released from an Italian jail after an appeals court overturned her murder conviction, says she was sexually harassed while she was in prison, CBS News reports.

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old Knox has gone into hiding, reports the New York Post. Her stepfather, Chris Mellas, is quoted in the Post as saying: “You’re definitely not going to find her. She’s not in Seattle, she’s not even in [the] county.”

She reportedly is not going to appear in public again for weeks, according to the family.

CBS News reported that a letter written by Knox details “the manipulation and sexual intimidation she says she endured while in prison,” adding that she was sexually harassed during the four-year ordeal by “a high-ranking Italian prison administrator.”

"48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Peter Van Sant, appearing on "The Early Show," is quoted in the story saying: "We learn about sexual harassment inside prison where an administrator would take her up to his office alone at night and say a number of inappropriate things to her, and that left Amanda terrified."

The topic is expected to be aired on Saturday’s "48 Hours Mystery."

Mellas said there are no deals with news organizations for Knox to sell her story, despite speculation that the family would look to raise funds by selling her tale, the New York Post story adds.

Meanwhile, an Italian judge who presided over the Knox appeal said many Italians called for her to be locked up simply because of her U.S. citizenship, according to the Post story.

“Many wanted Amanda in prison because she was American,” Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellman is quoted as saying.


  1. When I read about some Italians’ hostility to Americans, the first words that come to mind are Anzio and Salerno, and their U. S.
    military cemeteries.

  2. While the facts of the case are unclear, it’s clear that Italy can no more conduct a police investigation than it could fight a war

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